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Barry Mey (Course Builder)
Fiona Mey
Fiona Mey (Course Editor)


After deciding to take our programmes online we started looking for a course builder. A friend referred me to a friend who is a software developer. Alex did a great job in designing our first online course.

After a short while we noticed that he wasn’t responding to emails to upgrade course materials . Although a priority for us, simply, it wasn’t for him. So we hired a new developer. To cut a very tiresome story short, we eventually realised trying to fit a round peg into a square hole was never going to work. Our experience with software developers is dismal because initially they get you all excited but then your work moves down their list of priorities once they’ve hooked you.

This is when we decided to do it ourselves. And we’ve never looked back! Our course development has two core design features.

For a course to be released it must engage our beta-testers to want complete the course. We believe our success counts on students success through course completion. Bite-size lessons combined with frequent self-assessments encourages achievement. Beta-testers are sourced from the community of potential students.

Optimisation of course access on multiple devices is key for course completion.  Our courses are rigorously tested on desktop, laptop, tablet as well as smart phone devices. 

We have created multiple online courses. It has become our passion. Our commitment is to avoid the frustration of forgotten priorities. From the outset we set realistic project plan target dates. If anything comes up that may upset these dates, we bring this to our client’s attention. Transparency and honesty you can count on, because satisfied clients are our livelihood.