Online Course Builder E-Learning Course Design2

Course Design

Course Contents

  1. Why online courses, why design?
  2. The Basics of e-Learning
  3. What is learning design?
  4. How to create an online course
    • The online course design process
    • Online courses: Types and structures
    • Delivering an online course to a diverse group of learners
  5. Design Tools: Planning and Production of an Online Course in Practice
    • The Ideation Canvas
    • The Target Groups Canvas
    • The Core Content Analysis and Learning Objectives Canvas
    • The Course Structure Canvas
    • The Activities and Formats Canvas
    • The Workload Estimation Canvas
    • The Learning Experience Canvas
    • The Storyboard Canvas
    • The Communications and Support Canvas
    • The Checklist for the Psychology of Learning
    • The Usability Checklist
    • Technical Implementation Checklist

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